3.10: Assignment- Synesthesia is an HR Issue? - Biology

3.10: Assignment- Synesthesia is an HR Issue? - Biology

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You are an occupational nurse for a large corporation. Could it be due to her synesthesia?

You tell the manager you have never heard of this condition before but will do some research and get back to her. Once she leaves your office you begin your investigation. At the end of it, you need to prepare a brief (1–2 page) report for the manager explaining the following:

  • What is synesthesia
  • Medically how does it occur (be sure to focus on neuronal and sensory system features here)
  • What are the more common types of synesthesia
  • Could this condition be impacting the employee’s ability to meet deadlines
  • Any types of work projects that could be given to the employee that actually take advantage of her synesthesia

Rubric: Synesthesia is an HR Issue?

Synesthesia DefinitionSigns, symptoms, and specific tests used in diagnosis are discussedSigns and symptoms, and tests are discussedMajor signs or symptoms not discussed3 pts
Medical explanationSpecific discussion focused on neuronal interpretation of sensory signalsHigh level discussion that touches upon mismatch between sensory signals and neuronal perceptionMismatch between sensory and neuronal systems not addressed3 pts
Types of synesthesiaAt least 3 types of synesthesia are highlighted, with specific symptomsAt least 2 types of synesthesia are highlighted, with specific symptoms0–1 types of different synesthesia discussed3 pts
DeadlinesPossible impact of specific types of synesthesia on “time perceptions” are discussedGeneral statement on synesthesia’s general impact on work performanceDoes not address work performance concerns3 pts
Work ProjectsSpecific skillsets or strengths of different forms of synesthesia are identified with “work projects”Different work projects suggested that may not be associated with specific types of synesthesiaNo specific work projects are suggested3 pts
Total points: 15