Scientific classification of Kingdom Plantae

Scientific classification of Kingdom Plantae

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Kingdom Plantae: existence of several classification divisions

Scientific classification of Kingdom Plantae

Domain: Eukaryota

Kingdom: Plantae


- Green Algae

Chlorophyta (green algae, chlorophytes)

Charophyta (green, dehydrated and carophyte algae)

- Embryophyta (land plants)

Non vascular plants

Marchantiophyta (Hepaticophyta) - Liver Plants

Anthocerotophyta - Antocerotes

Bryophyta - Mosses

Vascular Plants (Tracheophyta)

Lycopodiophyta - Lycopods and Selaginella

Monilophyta - Ferns (Ferns) and Horsetails

Spermatophyta - seed producing plants

Gymnospermae - (Gymnosperms)

Angiospermae - (Angiosperms) are the plants that have flowers


Before the nineteenth century, when plant classifications began to develop, plants were classified into only three groups: lower (algae), intermediate (bryophytes and pteridophytes), and higher (gymnosperms and angiosperms).

One of the great scientists, who devoted much of his time to the study of scientific classifications of plants, was the German biologist Ernst Mayr (1904 - 2005).