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Typhoid fever

Typhoid fever

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Salmonella Enterica Typhi: Typhoid-Causing Bacteria (Larger image under a microscope)

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Typhoid is a disease caused by a bacterium called Salmonella enterica serotype Typhi.

Typhoid Fever Symptoms

Its most common symptoms are general malaise, high fever, lack of appetite, dry cough, diarrhea or constipation, headaches, slowed heart rhythm, enlarged spleen and pink spots on the trunk area. .


Its transmission occurs through direct contact with feces, urine, vomiting and secretions of the infected person. It also occurs through ingestion of water or food contaminated by human desires with the enteric salmonella serotype Typhi bacteria.


The best way to prevent this disease is to take preventative measures such as consuming only filtered or boiled water, taking care of personal hygiene, basic sanitation, care and hygiene in food handling and avoiding eating foods sold on the street.


Once the bacteria comes into contact with the human body, the infected person should receive medical treatment. In more specific cases, there is a need for hospitalization for hydration and poisonous administration of antibiotics. In both cases, it is important for the person to seek medical attention, because without proper treatment, this disease can lead to death.

PLEASE NOTE: The information on this page is only for research and school work. Therefore, they should not be used for medical advice. To do so, see a doctor for guidance and proper treatment.


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