Microbiology Books

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Bibliography (indication of books on Microbiology):

Food Microbiology

Author: Franco, Bernadette D. G. De M.

Publisher: Atheneu


Author: Trabulsi, Luiz Rachid

Publisher: Atheneu

Microbiology and Simplified Pharmacology

Author: Tavares, José Caetano

Publisher: Revinter

Illustrated Microbiology

Author: Harvey, Richard A .; Fisher, Bruce D .; Pamela C. Champe

Publisher: Artmed


Author: Funke, Berdell R .; Case, Christine L .; Tortora, Gerard J.

Publisher: Artmed

Microbiology - Practical Lesson Roadmaps

Author: Monica Hitomi Okura; José Carlos Rende

Publisher: Tecmedd

Clinical Microbiology - 156 Questions & Answers

Author: I Feel, Sumiko Ikura; Oplustil, Carmen Paz; Zoccoli, Cassia Maria

Publisher: Sarvier

Microbiology - Fundamentals and Perspectives

Author: Black, Jacquelyn G.

Publisher: Guanabara Koogan

Microbiology Practices

Author: Souto-padrón, Thais; Rabbit, Rosalie Reed Rodrigues; Pereira, Antonio Ferreira; Red, Alane Beatriz

Publisher: Guanabara Koogan

Microbiology Quick Reference Guide

Author: Fiegenbaum, Marilu; Peres, Alessandra

Publisher: Sulina

Clinical Microbiology

Author: Murray, Patrick R.

Publisher: Medsi

Food Microbiology

Author: Jay, James M.

Publisher: Artmed

Medical Microbiology and Immunology

Author: Levinson, Warren

Publisher: Artmed