What are good sources of free-to-use images and diagrams

What are good sources of free-to-use images and diagrams

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I am looking for good image repositories for biology teaching. Photos and textbook-like diagrams.

I am interested in images that can be used commercially without payment, or, at least, that require a small one-time payment. They would be used in videos, not only on lectures, hence the worry about copyright.

I'm guessing the videos are for a flipped/online course and posted on YouTube or Coursera? I've done this. Biology is hard -- perhaps because I am picky and really want good images.

I used to search for many free images. I also contacted the publishers of the free online version of Molecular Biology of the Cell and asked if I could use up to 20 for my free online course, and they agreed.

My university was also able to work out an agreement with the textbook publisher to use 200 of the textbook images for the Coursera course as long as they were credited, and a link to purchasing the textbook was available on the site. They want to keep my university happy as our students buy a truckload of books every year.

I've also gotten somewhat decent at using a drawing tablet and powerpoint image (boxes, circles) manipulation to make some of my own cell processes and chromosomes and such.

Lastly, has a wonderful collection of free textbooks for students, and they make their images available to faculty as free powerpoints. They aren't usually "good" enough to satisfy me, but definitely check them out.

You could use CC Search. It allows you to find Creative Commons licensed content that you can use commercially.

An excellent source for images is the wellcome collections image library You can negotiate commercial use with them, they are very reasonable, especially if it's for teaching purposes.

How to Create Precise Graphs, Diagrams or Images in a Research Paper

According to the American psychologist Howard Gardner, human intelligence can be divided into seven categories: visual-spatial, bodily kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, linguistic, and logical-mathematical. This implies our intelligence strengths can be different in each (so-called) intelligence profile and that everybody can be intelligent in many different ways.

Gardner says these differences “challenge an educational system that assumes that everyone can learn the same materials in the same way and that a uniform, universal measure suffices to test student learning.” The truth is that we learn and understand things differently, and these differences affect the manner we read academic papers. A research paper is usually a combination of written and visual information. We can assume that those who have a predominant linguistic intelligence would focus on written information, whereas those with a visual-spatial intelligence would feel more comfortable focusing on graphs, diagrams, or images. How to combine both to achieve a paper that engages readers with different intelligence profiles at par?

The Best 8 Free and Open Source Diagram Software Solutions

Do you want to mold your ideas and imaginations in pictorial forms? If you are willing to shape your thoughts creatively, then choosing a diagramming tool is the best option for you. In your businesses, well structured and visually appealing diagrams will help you make your complex ideas understandable.

&ldquoI think by drawing, so I&rsquoll draw or diagram everything from a piece of furniture to a stage gesture. I understand things best when they&rsquore in graphics, not words&rdquo. By Robert Wilson

The diagram app is quite helpful and valuable. You can build and visually shape your ideas to the audience by employing intuitive diagramming tools. The users can make beautiful diagrams from scratch with the help of diagram software technique.

What is diagram software?

The diagram software allows users to create flow charts, floor plans, organization charts, network diagrams, engineering designs, and other types of pictures. The users enjoy the illustrative representation of data and information with diagramming tools.

What are the characteristics of the Diagramming tool?

When to use diagram software?

The diagramming tool can be used in various situations:

How is diagram software helpful?

What are the types of Diagram Software?

The diagram software can be categorized in the following main categories:

Interestingly, you may come across a variety of diagram software solutions. If you want to explore the free and open source diagram tool, then have a look at the following sections of this article to understand the same.

The open source diagramming tool will allow you to customize as the source code is available for you to work. In case you are into a small business, then free diagram software will be apt for you.

Let&rsquos see free and open source diagramming software in detail: Before that let's have a quick glance at a comparison chart of free and open source diagram software.

Comparison Chart of Best 8 Free and Open Source Diagram Software

Free and Open Source Diagram Software

1 Dia Diagram Editor (free and open-source)

Dia is an open source online diagramming tool designed to help users create structured diagrams. Upon installing this software, the users can create charts for any purpose. It is a free diagram editor for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Both tech-savvy and non-tech users will find the interface of this app easy-to-use. It allows you to design flowcharts, circuit diagrams, database models, and network designs. There are entity-relationship models in this tool that helps in drawing unified modeling language diagrams, network diagrams, flowcharts, and simple electrical circuits.

Interestingly, you can save and load diagrams in PNG, SVG, XFIG, and WMG. It can be used to design more than 30 diagram types. Both beginners and developers will find this tool apt. If you are a beginner, then the software allows you to draw diagrams by using more than a thousand predefined objects and symbols. While the developers use this software as a computer-aided software engineering tool.

  • Predefined symbols and objects
  • Multiple import and export formats
  • Python Scriptability
  • User-friendly interface
  • Flowchart
  • Organizational Charting
  • Predefined objects and symbols
  • Make code skeletons from drawings

bpm&rsquoonline studio free is the free online diagram software & visual solution that will accelerate the process design. This tool is the product by bpm&rsquoonline. In a unified environment, you can design process diagrams with simple visual tools. The app standardizes process management.

You will find this tool convincing for simplified and collaborative process design. The software is free for unlimited users. The team jointly designs processes and helps to simplify the process documentation.

  • Flowchart
  • Organizational charting
  • Data Import and Export
  • Drag and drop
  • Mind Map
  • Templates
  • Collaboration
  • Unified CRM platform
  • Process Design

3 Lucidchart (free, single-user)

If you are looking for a powerful diagramming tool, then Lucidchart will serve your purpose. This is free diagram software solution for a single user. It will allow the user to visualize processes and models.

The software allows multiple users to share the documents and work on them simultaneously and effortlessly. The whole team can think visually and helps in increasing productivity.

Drawing flowcharts, org charts, UML, mind maps, and wireframes are much easier with this software. The intuitive system of this tool will help users in the field of web designing, web development, and engineering. You will find this system reliable and easy-to-use.

  • Real-time and constant collaboration
  • Automated diagramming
  • Enhanced Security
  • Seamless Integrations
  • Easy Visio import/export
  • Secure team management
  • Preset shape libraries
  • Drag and drop
  • Google Docs Integration and Google single sign-on

4 Creately (free and cloud-hosted)

Creately is a cloud-hosted app and is free for 5 public documents. The other plans of this software come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. It offers the simplest way to visualize plans, processes, ideas, and concepts. Even when you are offline, you can access diagrams with this tool. You can convert your thoughts into visuals with this app.

You can gain the desired size by clicking on the shape and dragging it across the screen as this tool offers ease of diagramming benefit. It is apt for software engineers, network engineers, tech leads, business consultants and analysts, web designers, UI engineers, students, teachers, and people who need technical diagrams.

With this web-based diagramming tool, you can draw flowcharts, wireframes, mock-ups, UML diagrams, mind maps, info-graphics, organizational charts, and other types of diagrams. You can draw, sketch, and collaborate with this tool.

  • Collaborate with anyone
  • 1000&rsquos of templates
  • Drag-drop to draw
  • Diagrams Anywhere
  • Edit and view
  • Accountability via notification
  • Zoom able and sharable diagram viewer
  • Easy-to-use Interface
  • Offline and Mobile Working
  • Connected Apps
  • Real-Time Collaboration
  • Mind Map
  • Templates and Flowchart
  • Organizational Charting
  • Data Import and Export

5 Calligra Flow (Free and open source)

Calligra Flow is the open source flowchart software that allows the user to enjoy graphical creativity and database designing. This free diagramming and flowcharting application serves as the visual database app creator. It can create network diagrams, flowcharts, and organizational charts.

You can accomplish your work with Calligra Suite that holds the set of applications. Flow is the component of Calligra Office that allows flowcharts. The artists can work on 2D drawings and illustrations by making use of this cutting edge application. Calligra Flow is an easy-to-use app that is tightly integrated with other Calligra applications.

  • Compatibility
  • Integrated Components
  • Standard, Open Format
  • Full Project Control
  • Customizable Dockers
  • Presentation Maker
  • Document Creator
  • Calculation and Spreadsheet tool
  • Vector Drawing
  • Visual Database App Creator

6 Diagramo (Free and open source)

Diagramo is a free and open source diagram tool that features pure HTML 5. No Flash, no Java or other plugins are required to use this tool as it is based only on HTML5.

The software enables users to easily share the diagrams with other teammates or even make it public. You can export pictures in PNG or JPEG format. As per the requirements, the user can customize the app. This online flowchart software provides lifetime support and storage. It is a GPL application so the user can tinker its code and improve it.

  • Collaborate
  • Share diagrams with world
  • Pure HTML 5
  • Export to SVG, Gif, and JPEG
  • Lifetime Support and Storage
  • Customization

7 SmartDraw (free, free trial)

SmartDraw is another easy-to-use and powerful diagramming tool. This free diagram software is the only alternative to Visio that runs on a Mac and Windows. The user can comfortably use this app.

The SmartDraw drawing tool can be inserted into Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Docs, and Sheets. On any computer or tablet, the user can run this app. There are perfect layouts in minutes due to the powerful automatic formatting system in this tool. It holds power to make anything.

From flowcharts to floor plans, the user will get all the different types of diagram templates. With standard engineering scales, the user can have true CAD-like drawing abilities. It serves as a breadth of content as it has over 34,000 symbols and over 4,500 templates.

  • Flowchart & Templates
  • Collaborate Anywhere
  • Drag & Drop
  • Mind Map
  • Data Import/Export
  • Templates
  • Organizational Charting
  • Intelligent Formatting
  • Professional Results
  • Integrates with the tools
  • Breadth of Content
  • Import and export Visio
  • Engineering Power
  • Development platform

8 Inkscape (free and open-source)

Inkscape is an open source vector drawing app that allows the user to create beautiful diagrams. It has tools related to drawing, shape, calligraphy, pencil, and pen. The 3D boxes tool of this app allows quick drawing.

This free app offers custom brushes, design layers, paint tools, stencils, symmetry, and watermarks. Across a wide variety of industries like marketing, branding, engineering, CAD, web graphics, cartooning, individual uses, this application is used by design professionals.


  • Object Creation
  • Object manipulation
  • Fill and Stroke
  • Operations on paths
  • File Formats
  • Rendering
  • Text Support
  • User-friendly interface
  • 3D Boxes tool
  • Design layers
  • Auto Shapes
  • Sketch and Trace
  • Easy Export
  • Paint Tool

Hoping you must be familiar with the list mentioned above of promising free and open-source diagram software. There is yet another diagram software which is gaining popularity. The article below will highlight the features of the same.

If you are looking to improve team communication and collaboration, then you can try Gliffy diagram software. For better teamwork, you can drag and drop your way. This versatile tool is easy-to-use. It serves as the online diagramming software that is meant for diagram building, editing, and sharing.

Effortlessly this app can create AWS architecture diagrams, UML diagrams, network diagrams, floor plans, flowcharts, org charts, mind maps, business process modeling notations, Venn diagrams, wireframes, entity-relationship diagrams, and SWOT analysis. It helps businesses of all sizes.

  • Collaborate instantly
  • Import-export
  • Preserve and track changes
  • Integrate with Atlassian
  • Share with anyone
  • Diagram with ease
  • Drag and Drop
  • Mind Map
  • Flowchart
  • Organizational Charting
  • Templates

Let&rsquos communicate with diagramming tools!

Diagram Software allows the user to create visual and engaging business documents. It helps in organizing vital information, encouraging understanding, and turning ideas into action. You can create and develop business plans and processes with these intuitive diagramming tools.

The above-mentioned list of free and open-source diagram software allows users to create flowcharts, mind maps, floor plans, organizational charts, UML diagrams, and network diagrams in the presentations.

6 Free Online Resources for Primary Source Documents

The Common Core Learning Standards describe the importance of teaching students how to comprehend informational text. They are asked to read closely, make inferences, cite evidence, analyze arguments and interpret words and phrases as they are used in a text. Primary source documents are artifacts created by individuals during a particular period in history. This could be a letter, speech, photograph or journal entry. If you're looking to integrate social studies into your literacy block, try out one of these resources for primary source documents.

1. National Archives

The National Archives is a fantastic resource. Their website is easy to navigate and includes lots of teacher resources. They feature a daily historical document relating to an event from that day in history. The online catalog can be searched using keywords, and 100 "milestone" documents are identified as significant to American history.

2. DocsTeach

Also run by the National Archives, DocsTeach is full of activities for educators. The documents are organized by different periods in American history. If you're teaching "Civil War and Reconstruction" or "Revolution and the New Nation," just click on the topic to find hundreds of primary source documents. DocsTeach provides audio, video, charts, graphs, maps and more.

3. Spartacus Educational

Spartacus Educational is a great resource for global history. It contains free encyclopedia entries that directly connect to primary source documents, making it a perfect tool for educators looking to give students a starting point in their research. It can even be used for a historical figure scavenger hunt!

4. Fordham University

Fordham University is another good resource for global history. Similar to how DocsTeach organizes primary sources into periods of American history, this site categorizes documents as well. From the "Reformation" to "Post-World War II Religious Thought," teachers can find full texts available from Fordham or similar institutions. These sources are appropriate for the middle school and high school classroom.

5. The Avalon Project

Broken down by time period then listed in alphabetical order, the Avalon Project at Yale University also has primary sources for global history teachers. This database starts with ancient and medieval documents and moves into present times. In addition to categories that address specific historical periods, the Avalon Project includes links to human rights documents as part of Project Diana.

6. Life Magazine Photo Archive

Google and Life Magazine have a wonderful search engine that lets users search millions of images from the Life Magazine Photo Archive. Not only can you type in key terms to guide your searches, you can also look through images organized by decade (1860s through 1970s) or significant people, places, events or sports topics.

Easy iPad Access

Using iPads in your classroom? Check out these free apps for primary source documents:

    : access to documents and activities available on their website : important quotes in American history with supporting images

Where do you go to find primary source documents to use in your classroom?

Scientific Illustration Software with Free Examples

Edraw Max is a vector drawing software and includes lots of scientific illustration template and examples which make it easy to draw Physical Mechanics Diagrams, Optics illustrations, Chemistry Equation Diagram, Laboratory Equipment Diagram, Molecular Model Diagram and Mathematics Illustration.

Scientific Illustration Template

The Scientific illustration software includes a rich and wide field for creative activity in scientific illustration. The Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics shapes have been designed to take the tedium out of creating commonly used visual notations such as molecular diagram, chemistry test, physics illustration, and circuit diagrams.

The included shape libraries are:

Physics: Circuit Diagrams, Mechanics physics, Lenses, Mirrors, and Prisms, Light Sources and Waves, Magnetism, Pulleys and Levers and Vehicles.

Chemistry: Laboratory Equipment, Chemistry Equation, Molecular Model and Organic Compounds

Mathematics: 3-D Geometry, Analytical Geometry, Angles, Circles & Ellipses.

Create educational documents and presentations quickly with the math, chemistry and physics vector symbols. The following scientific illustration shapes are included in the Scientific Template:

Mechanics Physics Shapes

Molecular Model Shapes

The ability to add various diagrams into the chart or graph takes this template well outside the range of most spreadsheets.

Scientific Illustration Examples

The following scientific illustration examples are created using Edraw and included as part of the software installation.

5. Jay Mantri

Jay Mantri works as a photographer and he is posting seven new photos every week. Why? Because he wants you to “make magic” with them. And believe me, with these photos, you can make magic even in your banner ads.

Many of these photos include landscapes, life moments, common objects or even coffee.

What is Fair Use?

Fair use is a doctrine originating in U.S. law that permits limited use of copyrighted material without permission from the copyright holder. The copyright limitation is intended to balance the interests of copyright holders with the public interest by allowing certain limited uses that could otherwise be considered infringement.

U.S. courts have cited as examples of fair use such as commentary, search engines, criticism, parody, news reporting, scholarship and research. Unfortunately, the doctrine still leaves a giant gray area and there is never a guarantee that your use will qualify as fair. In fact, the only way to get a definitive answer on whether or not a particular use is “fair” is to have the issue resolved in court.

The qualify as fair use, courts examine four criteria:

  1. The purpose and character of the use, including whether it is of a commercial nature or for nonprofit educational purposes
  2. The nature of the copyrighted work — courts grant more leeway to copies of factual works such as biographies than from fictional works such as plays or novels.
  3. The amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole — sometimes the amount of material copied is so small the court permits it without even conducting a fair-use analysis.
  4. The impact the use bears upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work — whether your use deprives the copyright owner of income or undermines a new or potential market for the copyrighted work.

To get a better idea if the use of a specific image may be considered fair, you can also fill out the checklist above.

Since there is no arithmetic method for determining fair use, these should be used as general guidelines in your fair use analysis and do not, by any means, constitute legal advice.

What is Photosynthesis?

Would you like to write for us? Well, we're looking for good writers who want to spread the word. Get in touch with us and we'll talk.

The process that plants carry out in the presence of radiant energy in order to create their food is known as photosynthesis. This process is one of the reasons because of which man and other forms of life are alive on the Earth today. This process basically occurs in the green parts of leaves. This process requires the following ingredients.

Water Soil Sunlight Carbon dioxide Chlorophyll

Soil does not become directly involved in the process of photosynthesis, but the plant absorbs some important ingredients, that are present in the soil. Chlorophyll is actually a chemical that is found in most of the plants and imparts green color to them. The process of photosynthesis actually becomes possible due to the chlorophyll that is present in plant leaves. During this process of food generation, the following reaction takes place:

The Best 7 Free and Open-Source Vector Graphics Software

Exploring images in the world of visuals have become a seamless task with Vector graphics. With sophistication and perfectness you can edit, draw, and modify images, diagrams, and figures by making use of vector graphics software.

Do you know that vector graphics have an unlimited number of uses? From graphic design to page layout along with the freehand illustration users can create high-definition images with this vector graphics art. Among its many uses, printing companies, 3-D graphics, CAD technology are the prime areas where vector images play a more significant role. Also, graphic designers can create precise, scalable, and layered images with this vector graphics technology.

What is a Vector Graphics?

The creation and designing of digital images through a series of commands or mathematical statements that helps in placing lines and shapes in the space of two-dimensional or three-dimensional is known as vector graphics.

In simple terms, it means that vector graphics consist of paths which are defined by the start and endpoint along with other points, curves, and angles. The path can be a line, triangle, curvy shape, or a square. You can make simple or complex drawings with these paths.

Without losing the image quality, you can scale vector-based images to a larger size as they are not made up of dots.

The edges of the object in vector graphics remain smooth and clean. If you want to use non-line art images like digitized photographs or scanned artworks, then you can employ raster graphics.

Raster graphics are pixel-based and to store information they make use of bit maps. But if you want to scale images to different sizes, then the best option is to use vector graphics.

Difference between Vector Graphics and Raster Graphics

What is Vector Graphics software?

The vector graphics software allows users to use mathematical commands to design computer images. It will enable you to create high-definition Illustrations. With vector images, you can create programs without compromising the quality aspect.

Who makes use of Vector Graphics Software?

Graphic designers make use of online vector graphics tools. The designers that mostly make use of this tool are as follows:

What are the features of Vector graphics software?

The prominent features of Vector graphics software are as follows:

Purpose of Vector Graphics Software

For graphic creation, the businesses make use of vector graphics.

What are the benefits of vector graphics software?

In designing, the main advantages of vector graphics software are as follows:

In the market, you will come across various types of Vector Graphics Software. Some would be commercial, open-source, free or cloud-based. If you are associated with small or midsize business and looking for free and open-source vector graphics software, then I must say that you landed on the right page.

In this piece of writing, by getting the insights of the free and open-source vector graphics tools, you will come to know how you can add value to your graphics business.

Have a look of the Comparison chart of free and open-source Vector Graphics software.

Free and Open-Source Vector Graphics Software

YouiDraw is the open-source vector graphics software that provides a variety of customizable textured brushes to the users. This free vector drawing tool offers modern tools like a pencil for the plain line or sketchy and different color options.

With different color and border size, users can shape new text. This tool is easy to use, very convenient and simple online drawing tool. Its logo design includes lots of features like quick styles, freehand logo tools, graphic templates, and vector logo effects.

The typical users of this software are Startups, agencies, enterprises, and SMEs. It works on HTML5 canvas with Google Drive. Anywhere or anytime, you can access your work. You will find this tool a powerful vector graphic design solution on the web. In various environments, you can express your style and creativity. The software can be integrated with almost all web applications.

(Source: YouiDraw)

  • Drawing- It serves as a powerful vector graphic design solution on the web. You can express your style and creativity with this feature.
  • Logo Creator- It creates high-quality vector graphics, icons, website elements, HTML5 logos, and buttons.
  • Painter- You can work with dozens of customizable brushes, paper textures that seem to be real.
  • Template & Style &ndash The different styles and templates graphics will help in improving work efficiency. You will enjoy gradient, simple, and artistic styles.
  • Tools- To point edit mode, straight line and curve arc, you can use a pen, pencil, brush, and switch elements.
  • Text and shapes- With text button, you can create a shape into canvas, rectangle, ellipse, convex, concave, gear, round-corner rectangle.
  • Transform- You can change the size, scale, and position, rotate, skew for the desired shape or text.
  • Shape combine- It holds five different combine mode: Union, Intersect, Exclude, divide, and subtract.

2 Synfig Studio

Synfig Studio is powerful 2D animation open-source vector graphics software. It works with high dynamic range imaging. You will find that it holds the ability to design the animation in the front-end and at a later time render it with the backend.

With less resources and people, it supports a multitude of layers of different types. You can apply real-time effects to layers or a group of layers. This free vector graphics tool allows experienced animators to create high-quality animations.

You can apply gradients, geometric, fractal, distortions, filters, fractal, and transformation to your animations as it supports a multitude of layers. You can enjoy fast and efficient animation with this app.

(Source: Synfig Studio)


  • Vector Tweening- It provides powerful tools to have full control of your vector artwork. Automatically, it calculates in-between frames.
  • Layers and filters- It offers 50+ layers to create artwork and animation. You can choose from various layer types like geometric, filters, gradients, distortions, transformations, and fractals.
  • Bones &ndash With bitmap images, you can create pattern images. The bone system allows you to control your vector artwork.
  • Advanced Controls- You can create sophisticated character puppets and other types of dynamic structures. Directly or through mathematical expressions, you can link parameters of various layers.
  • Cross Platforms- It is a cross-platform that works on Windows, OS X, Mac, and Linux.
  • Sound support- You can sync sounds music and narration to your videos with this feature.

If you are looking for powerful and free vector graphics software, then Inkscape is an ideal choice for you. For Linux, Windows, and macOS, this app works as a professional vector graphics editor.

The interface of this software is transparent, stable, and consistent. The users get various tooltips along with useful information from this versatile and flexible software. Design professionals and hobbyists create a wide variety of graphics like icons, logos, illustrations, maps, diagrams, and web graphics from this open-source vector drawing tool.

With the add-ons feature, the users can customize the functionality of this tool. The graphic designers will find it a hugely adaptable and excellent tool.

This tool produces highly professional vector graphics documents. You will find a fast and easy interface.


  • Import/Export- It can import and export various file formats that include SVG, AI, PDF, PS, PNG, and EPS.
  • Object Creation- It provides various tools for drawing and shapes. You will get embedded bitmaps, text tool, and clones.
  • Object manipulation- It works on transformations, Z-order operations that include raising and lowering, grouping objects, layers, and alignment and distribution commands.
  • Fill and stroke &ndash You will get color selector, color picker tool, copy/paste style, pattern fills, path makers, dashed strokes, and the gradient editor.
  • File formats &ndash It follows SVG format file generation and editing. For export and conversions, it commands line options.
  • Create and edits- You can create and edit graphics, logos, diagrams, cartoons, and illustrations that you can scale to a larger or smaller size.
  • Vector images &ndash You can convert slogans and easy designs into vector images. You will find the method easy and fast.

You can quickly and intuitively create vector graphics with this free vector drawing software known as Vectr. This software is quick to learn and easy to use. Being cross-platform, you can use this app on the web or download to your desktop. In real-time, your work will be automatically saved and synchronized.

This simple yet powerful tool allows users to create and edit beautiful designs, cards, brochures, presentations, website mock-ups, 2D graphics, and blur-free logos. Due to its user-friendly interface, the primary users will find this tool perfect. You can work with shapes, text, and multiple layers with this app.

You should try Vectr if you are looking for simple and free vector software that supports collaboration. It is easy to learn and use. This app holds the potential to be the best web-based vector creation tool.


  • Tools- You can create custom shapes and add text with the pen, pencil, and text tools.
  • Real-Time sharing- It allows for real-time collaboration in which you can create and edit designs live.
  • Scalable- It scales designs to any size without losing clarity.
  • Cross-platform- It can be used on the web or download to your desktop. Across all platforms, the work can be performed.
  • 2D graphic- It is used to create 2D graphics and graphics for business cards, greeting cards, websites, illustrations, resumes, brochures, posters, presentations, and icons.
  • Import and edit SVGs- It imports and edit SVGs and bitmaps that can be used as a background. It imports in AI, EPS, PNG, and JPEG file formats.
  • Multiple layers- This app supports multiple layers and pages that allow you to organize your project.

5 Gravit Designer (free)

Gravit Designer is one of the best free vector graphics editors that provides necessary tool sets to the designers. It is a versatile tool that helps in creating solutions. This app is intuitive and holds powerful vector toolset. You will find advanced and intuitive dashboard, customizable interface, advanced editing tools, and drag-and-drop functionality.

This app works on all platforms. You can open the full power of your creativity with this fast and flexible tool. With a vast array of precision vector tools, you can discover a new world of creativity.

You can edit images for posting, print or larger design project. With this tool, you will enjoy everything that includes image and photo editing from color and lighting adjustments, filters and blending.

(Source: Gravit Designer)

  • Smart shapes- For fast and flexible geometric shape creation, it provides smart shape primitives with magic control points.
  • Powerful aligning &ndash It provides align to edges and center points of the selection. It aligns to page limits.
  • Dashboard- The advanced and supportive dashboard allows its users to set the width and height of the documents.
  • Intuitive interface- The customizable, clean, intuitive interface allows users to navigate and explore Gravit designer seamlessly.
  • Web and App UI- For web and mobile user, you can create mockups and wireframes to share styles, master pages, symbols, overrides.
  • Brand visuals and imagery- This professional vector editing tool provides so many options to create icons, branding, logos, illustrations, and stand-out objects.
  • Social Media- You can design stunning images for social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.
  • Built-in templates and libraries- In no time you can create flyers, banners, business cards, and other collateral.
  • Advanced typography- You can gain control over typography like font styles, line, character, paragraph spacing.
  • Import/export options- With versatile import and export options, you can import and edit PDF, EPS, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch file formats and export multi-page PDF documents.
  • Reusable design elements and styles &ndash It embraces a fast and efficient design process. Throughout the entire design process, you can quickly select and change the font family.
  • Transform and organize objects- With sub-pixel precision, you can scale, rotate, skew, and move design elements. You can organize your designs into pages and groups.

6 Skencil

Skencil is the flexible and powerful free interactive vector drawing application. Shapes like rectangles, ellipses, and curves are used for skencil drawing that can be filled and stroked. It has unlimited undo history.

This open-source vector graphics editor is implemented in a very high-level and interpreted language known as Python. Formerly, this app was known as Sketch and holds the quality of bending a text along a path. You will find this tool intensive, user-friendly, and of higher level.


  • Drawing Primitives- It includes rectangles, external images, EPS images, text, ellipses, and Bézier Curves.
  • Export filters- This app writes the drawing to various file formats. For its format, adobe illustrator, PDF and SVG files this online vector graphics editor holds filters.
  • Import filters- It allows this tool to read different file formats. It has import filters for Adobe Illustrator files, Corel CMX, scalable vector graphics, and its file format.
  • Blend groups- It automatically updates interpolations of arbitrary objects.
  • External images- JPEG and PNG are the external images&rsquo properties for raster image that Python Imaging Library can read.
  • Text along a path- It bends text along a way with EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) files.

7 LibreOffice -Draw

LibreOffice-Draw is the open-source vector graphics software that allows you to produce anything from a quick sketch to an elaborate plan. This tool acts as a means to communicate with graphics and diagrams. For creating technical drawings and general posters, you can use this tool with a maximum page size of 300cm by 300cm.

This free application is included in the LibreOffice suite that is developed by the Document Foundation. You can create simple and complex drawings and can export the same in the standard image formats. In your pictures, you can insert tables, charts, formulas, and other types of items. With this software, you can have a wide variety of graphical images. As per your preference, style, and formatting box you can arrange tools and in just one click you can put all your graphics styles.


  • Vector Graphics- By using lines and curves, it creates vector graphics that are defined by mathematical vectors.
  • 3D Objects- In LibreOffice Draw, this tool can create simple 3D objects such as cubes, spheres, and cylinders. It modifies the light source of the objects.
  • Connect Objects- To show the relationship between objects you can connect objects with distinct lines known as &ldquoconnectors.&rdquo
  • Grid and Snap Lines- In your drawing, you can align objects with the help of visual cues. You can snap an object to a snap line and grid line.
  • Graphic File Formats- It can export many graphic file formats like BMP, GIF, PNG, and JPG.
  • Gallery &ndash It includes images, sounds, animations, and other types of items that can be inserted and used in your drawings.
  • Displaying Dimensions- To calculate and display linear dimensions, you can use dimensions lines.
  • Geometric elements- It stores and displays an image as an assembly of simple elements that include lines, polygons, and circles.
  • Smart Connectors- You can effortlessly build flowcharts, organization charts, and network diagrams with intelligent connectors. It allows the conversion of images to a range of image and document formats with the help of a powerful engine.

Although the above mentioned free and open-source vector graphics software are valuable and of top-notch quality, you can give a try to one of the most popular software - AdobeIllustrator to enjoy the artistic work. Let&rsquos move ahead to know this software in detail:

AdobeIllustrator serves as the industry-standard vector graphics software. It allows you to create logos, icons, typography, drawings along with the illustrations for print, web, mobile, and video.

Millions of designers and artists involved in web icons and product packaging to book illustrations and billboards make use of this app to create everything. The designers who want to create digital graphics, drawings, and typography for all kinds of media will find this app perfect.

Graphic designers, web designers, visual artists, and professional illustrators create high-quality artwork with this app. You will find this app versatile and powerful for your graphic design needs.

Everywhere you can draw attention by creating a freehand drawing and by tracing and recoloring the imported photos to enjoy the work of art. Anywhere you can use illustrations that include printed pieces, websites, blogs, social media, and presentations.


  • Customizable toolbar &ndash It allows you to add or remove tools so you can have your preference. You can group them as per your choice to enjoy the best outcomes.
  • Presentation and Trim Preview- You can easily project and share by turning artboards into slides. With the edges trimmed off, you can see how documents with bleeds will look.
  • Global editing- All at once, you can modify repeating text or objects across multiple artboards.
  • Freeform gradients- You can give your objects and artwork a natural look and feel by easily creating rich color blends.
  • Illustrator CC- It enables graphic designers to create sketches, illustrations, and typography.
  • Tools &ndash You will get all the drawing tools that allow you to turn simple shapes into sophisticated logos and graphics.

Wrapping Up

Users can create colorful, detailed, and high-quality illustrated images with vector graphics software. Such software solutions enable graphic designers to create logos or detailed illustrations easily and effortlessly.

I hope the list of free and open-source vector graphics software in this article have made you familiar with the features of the same. Do not fail to share your valuable views in case you have come across with any of the Vector graphics software solutions mentioned above.

You can also explore the full-fledged list of Vector graphics software solutions in GoodFirms platform. From this list, you will come to know about several Vector Graphics software along with their reviews.

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