Is there a hypernym for enzymes that “cut” other molecules?

Is there a hypernym for enzymes that “cut” other molecules?

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I have searched on Google for a hypernym/umbrella term that encompasses all enzymes whose function is to cut other molecules, but I have yet to find such a term. The term I am looking for would encompass enzymes groups such as proteases, nucleases, and lipases.

Is there such a term in molecular biology?

Hydrolases can "cut" other molecules using hydrolysis (see proteases), and Lyases can catalyze "cutting" with other reactions (see aldolases). These are umbrella terms for families of enzymes classified by function.

I think this is a fair open-access review of enzyme classification.

The term you want is "scission enzyme". Scission is from Latin scissio, the same root as for scissors. This is a broad umbrella term which does not speak to mechanism of cutting.

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