Carlos Chagas

Carlos Chagas: Leading Brazilian Scientist

Who was

Carlos Justiniano Ribeiro Chagas was an important sanitarist, bacteriologist, doctor and scientist from Minas Gerais. He was born on July 9, 1879 in the mining town of Oliveira and died on November 8, 1934 in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Important Findings

Carlos Chagas made two major discoveries by studying malaria and Chagas disease. He discovered the process of contagion and evolution of these two dangerous tropical diseases.

Some awards received and international recognition

It has gained international recognition because its research has opened doors for the creation of methods for prevention, treatment and eradication of these two diseases.

In Germany, Carlos Chagas received two important awards from leading scientists: the Schaudinn Prize in 1912 and the Krummel Prize in 1925. He also received the honorary doctorate degree from Harvard, Paris and Brussels. In 1920, he received the title of Knight of the Order of the Crown of Italy.

Carlos Chagas in his laboratory at the Oswaldo Cruz Institute.