Healthy habits

Physical Activity: A Fundamental Healthy Habit

Healthy habits and quality of life

For an individual to have a good quality of life, the search for healthy habits is fundamental. These should not be done sporadically, but often (for life). The adoption of these healthy habits aims to maintain physical and psychological health, increasing quality of life.

Top Healthy Habits:

- Balanced, nutritious food according to the needs of each organism;

- Regular practice of physical activities;

- Outdoor activities and contact with nature;

- Do not have addictions (alcohol, cigarettes and other drugs);

- Seek to engage in pleasurable and constructive social activities;

- Control and, as far as possible, avoid stress;

- Value positive social coexistence;

- Stimulate the brain with intellectual activities (reading, theater, etc.);

- Seek help from healthcare professionals when experiencing illness or psychological problems.


- Before beginning any kind of physical activity, seek medical advice.