Vitamin K

Vegetable Leaves: Great Source of Vitamin K

Which is

Vitamin K, also known as antihemorrhagic and phytomenadione, is a fat-soluble vitamin (lipid solubility). This way it needs ingested fats to be absorbed by the body.

Functions in the body:

- Act in the process of blood coagulation;

- Activate osteocalcin (important bone protein);

- Inhibit vascular calcification, making plaque formation difficult in the arteries.

Health problems caused by Vitamin K deficiency:

- Bleeding

- Deficiency in the process of blood clotting

- Formation of hardened plaques in the arteries

Main sources:

- Green vegetable leaves (kale, cabbage, lettuce, chard, spinach, etc.)

- Broccoli

- Beef liver

- chicken liver

- Wheat germ

- Chicken Egg Yolk