Cell Core Structure

Cell Core Structure

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Cell nucleus: important functions in the cell

Introduction - What is the Cell Nucleus

The nucleus is one of the most important organelles in an animal cell. It is composed of a complex structure that performs extremely important functions in the cell. Much of cell activity is controlled by genes, which are located in the cell nucleus.

Cell nucleus structure

Nuclear Wrap (library)

The library is a membrane that surrounds the nuclear content of the cell. Therefore, it is she who separates the cytoplasm from the nucleus.


Nucleoli are spongy, spherical shaped bodies present within the cell nucleus. They are made up of proteins (RNA and DNA). In nucleoli are formed ribosomes, which act in the process of protein synthesis.


Chromatin is the genetic material present in the nucleus. Chromatins are composed of DNA molecules in association with certain proteins.


Also called nuclear juice or carioplasma, it is made up of water and protein. Karyolymph is a colorless mass and fills the inner space of the cell nucleus.


- Skeletal muscle cells have several nuclei.

Genetic information contained in the nucleus of a cell is known as the genome.