Is the mesenterium a synonym for the mesocolon?

Is the mesenterium a synonym for the mesocolon?

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On biodigital anatomy browser I found a structure called the mesocolon. I didn't find the term in Uberon and I'm unclear whether it's simply a synonym for mesenterium or whether it's a separate concept.

Mesentery is the name of a whole set of tissues attaching the intestines to the abdominal wall.

In human anatomy, there are three different portions of the mesentery:

  • Mesenterium sensu strictu, also called Meso
  • Mesocolon transversum
  • Mesocolon sigmoideum, also called Mesosigmoideum

Two smaller mesenteries can be found at the appendix (Mesoappendix), and at the cranial part of the rectum (Mesorectum)

So… Mesocolon is a part of the mesentery, but no synonym.

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