Differences between animal and plant cells

Animal and Plant Cell: Many Differences

Main differences between animal and plant cells:

Animal Cell: In the Golgi Complex, the vesicles are stacked.

Plant Cell: Golgi Complex vesicles appear isolated.

Animal Cell: has centriole.

Plant Cell: has no centriole.

Animal Cell: has peroxisomes.

Plant Cell: has no peroxisomes.

Animal Cell: has no chloroplasts.

Plant Cell: has chloroplasts.

Animal Cell: has no cell wall.

Plant Cell: has a cell wall.

Animal Cell: It has no plasmodesmos.

Plant Cell: has plasmodesmos.

Animal Cell: Vacuoles are smaller than those of plant cells.

Plant Cell: Vacuoles are larger than those of animal cells.

Animal Cell: They store glycogen inside.

Vegetable Cell: reserve starch inside.